• Worked for 3 months with Netcraft’s GSB (Google Safe Browsing) development team, responsible for delivering a Cyber-security solution to large corporations and governments in order to safeguard their customers against phishing sites.
  • Improved the scalability of the product which resulted in a 300% performance improvement, and resolved several long-standing accuracy issues, often by completely rewriting the existing code. Additionally,given the responsibility to manage the production environments used to deploy the solution.
  • Independently added a large number of new features on TraceKen, a blockchain based pharmaceutical supply-chain management product.
  • Refactored the application code to drastically improve the performance and make it scalable to handle thousands of records added at once.
  • Understood the requirements that come with building enterprise software, and applied this in my development process, keeping performance, scalability, user experience, and reliability in mind. Also played a major role in moving to a microservice based architecture.
  • Took initiative and lead in the development of a hybrid web app, mentoring 2 full-time employees in the process.
  • Currently working part-time to add machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to the product for improving distribution efficiency.