A randomized program fuzzer for the Rust programming language

  • Created a fuzzer for the Rust compiler (rustc) as part of my final year MEng Project at Imperial College London
  • Award winning app-based platform to bridge the communication gap between hosts and attendees during small to medium events. Features include live announcements to attendees, resource distribution, event signups and personalized itineraries and integration with Eventbrite.
  • Following recognition as the best project in our cohort under the annual IBM Prize, productized the app and deployed for use by 500 users to manage the new students onboarding process at Imperial College London. Subsequently, the app is set will be used in a EESoc event at Imperial to facilitate the smooth running of their online event. Other events are in pipeline for using the App (such as a Women in Tech conference).
  • Employed Agile practices such as sprints, and Continuous Integration and Deployment through Gitlab CI/CD.